why do i need Video?

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There is no denying that video is everywhere now, and that video is leading the market for online content, especially on social media! The old cliche stands true that Video really did kill the radio star! 

So if you’re asking whether you need a video content strategy for anything you do, the short answer is YES! 

You absolutely need video for your product, service, or brand. At what scale and how you use the video is another question all together…

As we said before, video is very important to any product, brand, or service to thrive online in 2023 and beyond! So as a business owner, you absolutely MUST have video to visually engage your audience. 

Corporate Video

Our professional video production crew has documented countless events over the years. We have produced golf charity event videos, corporate event videos, wedding videos and many more!
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Whether you are working on a brand overview commercial for your company or a social media livestream to promote your products, video is the most effective way to tell your story. And video is the way that new customers want to be introduced to your story, so give the people what they want.. MORE VIDEO!

There are many different types of videos that you can create for your business, service, product, brand, or organization. Some examples of video that we produce on a daily basis at GoLive Tampa Bay for local business owners are explainer videos, tutorial videos, product videos, brand over view videos, event videos, business 2 business videos, corporate videos, real estate videos and the list goes on and on. 

These are just a handful of the styles of videos that we produce at our local Downtown New Port Richey based Content Studio! 

If you need a video created by a local video production company you can rely on, contact our office today! 

How Smartphones + Social Media Have Changed the Game

Livestream video

In 2022, people watched 803 million hours of live streams on Facebook Live. Livestreaming video of your prodcut, brand, or service on social media is vital to producing modern day media that current audiences comprehend and process easily.
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With the introduction of Youtube, Facebook, and other social media platforms that consumers use on their smartphones, the traditional media world as we knew it no longer exists. We now live in a digital media age which requires an omni-channel video production strategy. 

The use of smartphones and social media has revolutionized how viewers consume video. Scrolling endlessly through content on phone screens is second nature, but what actually stands out and what causes us to engage?

No matter what it is you do, your job is to tell your story. The trick to mastering modern day media practices so that you can produce the best video possible for your audience is understanding your audience’s online behavior. 

If you understand what drives them psychologicially to behave the way they do online, then you will understand how to produce the video content to disrupt their social media feeds that will then capture their attention and eventually convert them into a paying customer. 

The importance of video for social media

Small Business Video

55% of online users watch video every single day. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text. Join our list of satisfied video production clients now and discover how you can grow your small business with video today.
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The importance of video for social media is that you can share it across many different platforms with a simple click. With the use of hashtags and other techniques, videos will organically start displaying in front of a larger audience. 

It’s now easier to create your influencer marketing campaign using one or two short-form videos (or even live streaming) instead of countless blog posts or articles where you have to spend hours writing. Instead, you could produce a quick explainer video and promote it on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. 

There is even a new video platform out called TikTok that is all the rage right now! Everyone from professional athletes to local soccer moms are going viral on this trending video app! We particularly enjoy the challenge of trending audio and short form video production as well as the user generated content and style of videos that are on TikTok. 

Basic Principles Of Video Production

Listed below are basic video production tips for local small business owners. While this content does not cover the full scope of high level professional video production services, it gives you the basics of video to get you pointed in the right direction. 

If you are interested in learning how to produce video or need video production equipment, we offer DIY video production services out of our Content Studio located in Downtown New Port Richey, Florida. If you are interested in learning more you can contact us for a complete video production guide or training today!

Shot composition in video refers to the way components and subjects on a screen are arranged in a camera frame. It is the arrangement of visual elements to convey an intended message. 

Knowing how to arrange specific shots for specific reasons will have a much greater impact on your audience, keeping them engaged and leaving a lasting message. 

In other words- in order to produce a visually appealing video, you must learn what shot composition is and how it impacts the quality of what you are viewing on screen. 

You will most certainly lose the viewer’s attention if the shot composition is not carefully considered when planning the story you want to tell with your video. 

Lighting is the second most important factor to producing a video that will keep your viewer’s attention. Some say lighting is the first factor of quality video. But if you can’t see what is on screen, then what does it matter if the lighting illuminates it or not?

So we still say Composition is the first most important element, and agree with lighting being the second. 

Lighting your video properly adds drama, depth and atmosphere to your story. 

Cinematic lighting uses techniques like diffusing light, bouncing light, plus adjusting color temperatures.  

Types of film or cinematic lighting are key lighting, fill lighting, backlighting, side lighting, practical lighting, bounce lighting, soft lighting, and hard lighting. 

The most important thing to remember with lighting is you can easily overdo it! Three point lighting is the ideal professional set up however simply illuminating your subject so that it is bright enough to be visible on screen is sufficient for most videos that small business owners produce. 

Once you get into the more complicated video work it’s best to leave it to the pros while you run your business and keep your customers happy. 

Sound or audio for your video is as equally as important as shot composition and lighting. If your sound recording does not match your visuals, then it can throw off the message of your video altogether. 

Sound assists the visuals in delivering the information properly, evoking emotional responses, and emphasizing what the viewer feels when they watch the video. 

Types of sound include dialogue, voiceover, sound effects, background noise, ambient noise, soundtracks, and more. Check out some demos from one of our trusted voiceover actors, Robert Kidston, if you’re looking to get started with professional voiceover talent in the Tampa Bay area.

When you get into user generated content and trending audio sounds for TikTok, Instagram Reels, as well as Facebook Reels- it can be a bit complicated. It is necessary to be up to date on trending audio for these platforms to put out video that will potentially go viral and gain you more followers and audience growth. 

Video editing is the final finishing step to the video production process. The definition of video editing is the arrangement or manipulation of video shots on a timeline. 

There are many different forms of video editing including: linear video editing, non-linear video editing, assemble editing, insert editing, as well as user generated content editing. 

Some of the functions included in video editing are: trimming, re-sequencing, frame cropping, blurring, exposure adjustment, cutaways, plus color correction. 

Many of the apps that provide user generated content style videos for story posting and social media reels comes with built-in sound syncing and artificial intelligence that will auto-edit the videos for you to follow the selected sound or audio. This has a very limiting factor on the level of content in which you can produce however it becomes extremely handy for beginner video producers who are beginning to learn how to edit or cut together footage to produce a quality video.

Local Video Production

"My family has been running small businesses in this community since the 1950's. For 5 generations we have been serving the greater Tampa Bay and Florida market. For decades it has been bred into my lineage to be a reliable, dependable man no matter what it is that you choose to do. When you hire my agency for your video needs you will discover the timelessness in my delivery upon the completion of your project." Justin Miller - Managing Partner
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How can video help my small business?

Video production can be a complex and lengthy process that requires storytelling, experience in cinematic editing, as well as the ability to be creative with shot composition and professional lighting. 

At GoLive Tampa Bay, we can help you tell your story through a custom video and digital marketing strategy! 

We understand how to bridge the gap between the new viewer and emerging brand, product, or service online through creative video. The digital market has evolved into a bunch of white noise and online competition over-saturating the marketplace. You want to stand out using creative video messaging that will break through the noise loud and clear so that your viewer pays attention! 

Let us help you leverage the power video content to help you build your brand awareness, increase your customer base, plus connect with your current loyal customers as well! 

Remember that no matter what it is you do, or what scale you are doing it on- your job is to tell your story, and to tell it well so that you gain the attention and trust of your viewer. 

So how much does video cost anyways?