how to advertise your business online

The Defintion of Advertising

Advertising is a form of marketing that involves using various forms of mass media to affect changes in attitudes and behaviors. You can do it through television, radio, magazines, newspapers, or best of all- online content marketing and media.

Whether print or digital, the goal of good advertising is to:

advertising vs MArketing

When you advertise through digital platforms like Google, Facebook, or Youtube, this is called paid advertising in the digital marketing business.

While marketing in general is used to promote products and services, digital paid advertising is specifically referring to your paid online omnichannel marketing strategies to drive all types of engagement that lead consumers down the sales funnel to create a return on investment. 

How to create an effective ad campaign for your business

Our digital marketing agency can help you produce the level of quality in advertisements you see on TV, radio, or online. We manage how much money goes into the campaign – monitoring costs and ensuring a strategy and tracking is in place before launching it. 

It can take a long time to create a compelling advert because of all the steps involved, but with the best digital marketing team and ad consultants, you can be sure you are being well-guided through the process.

First, hold a creative brainstorming meeting to develop the best campaign ideas for your products or services throughout the calendar year. Determine the how many campaigns you will run and schedule them out in advance. 

Then take into account what will appeal to potential customers to create an effective campaign. It is best practice to conduct market research about the customer base and show focus groups to see what people think.

Next comes copywriting and content cleverly engineered with a persuasive and engaging tone – this will depend on the product or service on the advertisement.

Based on that foundation, you can test different text-based ads and banner ads for social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, animated videos, and other graphical images for billboards and posters.

Once you have completed these 4 steps, your data analytics will guide you in optimizing the performance your campaigns. 

How to optimize your ad campaigns for the best ROI

Paid advertising is a complicated process that uses creativity, data analytics, and innovative strategy to create effective campaigns. Here are four ways to implement, test, and optimize campaings until you get to your target ROI:

1. Use Segmentational Market Research

Segmentational market research divides customers into smaller groups or segments based on their interests and behaviors. You can use it to find out which products and services are most appealing to each group.

Doing this allows you to focus your energy on specific areas, improving ROI.

Segmentational research is a vital part of growth marketing because it helps you find out what people want and need from your company, making it easier to create strategies to increase sales and grow the business in the future.

2. The Importance of A/B Testing

The most crucial part of advertising is A/B Testing. We run tests to see which adverts are more appealing, focus on the aspects that appeal to their target audience, and produce ads that offer a desirable proposition for potential customers.

The test should come with two versions or ideas – one being an ‘A’ version; the other is a ‘B.’ The advert with higher viewer rates or sales will be used as the final ad for a campaign, while any unsuccessful ads are archived for future reference.

This process of A/B Testing improves advertising campaigns by focusing on what appeals to customers to increase results. One example of this is Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty.

3. Audience Testing

Audience testing is a form of A/B Testing that involves showing people two or more versions of content and asking them which they prefer.

It is a perfect way to see what audiences will like the best, for example, advertisements on websites. Audience tests involve using methods such as surveys, focus groups, or before finalizing online ads.

Whether you’re just starting out or have a couple years of experience managing your own advertising, hiring an ad manager will without a doubt improve your ROI. 

At GoLive Tampa Bay, our development team has some of the brightest local ad managers. If you need assistance placing a new ad campaign or making sense of an existing one, our team is here to help. 

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