2021 guide to professional headshots

When presenting your personal or professional image the old saying stands true: You only get one shot at first impressions.

Professional headshots are just one important way of portraying the message and image of your company. Customers, hiring managers, potential partners, as well as your industry counterparts look for you to have a professional headshot image in 2021.

Our photography studio gets asked about professional headshots all the time- so we've prepared a list of the 7 most common headshot questions along with our answers.

What you wear to a headshot photo shoot can mean the difference in capturing an outstanding presentation or completely flopping. When selecting your wardrobe for your headshot you want to take into account things like:

  • Who will be viewing this headshot?
  • Is this headshot for customers?
  • Is this headshot for internal use?
  • What color backdrop are you using for your headshot?
  • Is your headshot being taken in a studio with controlled lighting or outside?

Your wardrobe should reflect your personality while remaining professional and casual. 

We generally suggest sticking to solid colors versus patterns and prints. The right colors for your outfit also depend on the chosen backdrop and whether you are achieving a boca effect or a bold, defined background. 

The amount of headshots you need depends on the stage or status of your career, product, brand, service, and budget. There is no “one size fits all” answer. 

For an individual or small business, a smaller headshot package with one to two headshots included scheduled annually will suffice. The average corporate professional or small business owner will only need a few images a year to keep their content relevant and online platforms updated. 

For larger corporations or organizations, there is a greater demand for a higher volume of content. To keep company directories updated, and account for turnover, an annual to quarterly headshot group package is necessary. 

At GoLive Tampa Bay, no matter how many headshots you want, we have a package for you. Our professional Line Producers qualify your headshot project and coordinate the right size production to fit your needs.  

Professional headshots will vary on pricing based on these factors:

  • Number of completed headshots
  • Number of outfit changes
  • Number of locations
  • Time of year
  • Image Quality and Editing
  • Frequency of photo shoots

The average professional headshot for an individual ranges from $99 to $149. It can go upwards of $300 for more advanced packages. Corporate headshot packages usually cover groups of 10 or more, and these photo shoots typically start at around $500 per location.

How you wear your hair for your professional headshot depends on you industry, what type of job you have, and the message you want to present to your audience. 

If you’re working in finance, traditionally you wouldn’t see a mohawk in the office. So, you wouldn’t expect to see that in a finance professional’s headshot. 

Always get a second opinion on your hair and image before taking your headshot. It doesn’t hurt to have a fresh set of eyes and perspective evaluating your professional image.

How you view yourself isn’t necessarily how others view you. Taking this process seriously is what will produce an outstanding, long-lasting professional headshot. 

People don’t remember your title. They remember the way you make them feel. 

What is the first thing you remember about someone when you meet them?

When you meet someone with a big smile on their face you feel invited, welcomed, and understood. While some professions require a more stern or serious look, having a friendly appeal or style to your persona is very important to selling your image. 

We advise our subjects to have a good time, and even crack a joke on set to capture that oh so priceless impromptu, candid laugh. Above all else, always have fun when creating and building your professional image. 

Good posture matters. Laziness never sells. Typically a leader, manager, influencer, or decision maker is getting a professional headshot done. Any one of these individuals requires confidence and the ability to communicate that confidence both in their job, and in their image. 

Standard or basic headshot packages usually come with one position and outfit choice, while advanced or pro packages come with multiple angles, outfit changes, more time to shoot, as well as more than one shoot location.

YES? I’m yelling at you because if you’re on LinkedIn and you don’t have a professional headshot on your profile yet, then you need to get one. And if you’re reading this question right now, then you probably don’t have one. 

There are more than 55 million companies listed on LinkedIn. Whether you’re trying to get hired by a company or do business with one, having a professional headshot on LinkedIn can mean the difference between getting hired or landing the deal. 

professional Headshot PRICING


$ 99
  • 1 Headshot
  • 30 Minutes
  • In Studio
  • Outfit Change
  • Overtime Billed at +50/hr


$ 199
  • 2 Headshots
  • 60 Minutes
  • In Studio
  • Outfit Change
  • Overtime Billed at +50/hr


$ 299
  • 3 Headshots
  • 90 Minutes
  • In Studio
  • Outfit Change
  • Overtime Billed at +50/hr


Groups and Teams
$ 499
  • 10+ Headshots
  • 180 Minutes
  • On Location
  • Outfit Change
  • Overtime Billed at +50/hr

If you’re asking yourself which headshot package you need, you probably didn’t read the 7 most frequently asked questions about headshots we listed above.

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